Zalipie on your own

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Want to go to Zalipie on your own, relax and enjoy art? Let me share some tips because I tried to go on my own instead of taking a tour and it was not that simple because there is no much info about it. Also, the information available is in Polish and people who works at the station don’t necessarily talk English. I even asked locals and they weren’t sure how to get there either. Nevertheless they helped asking for direction in Polish and taking me to the bus stop 💛 .

When to go

The perfect time to visit Zalipie is in Spring. During the season the Painted Cottage competition or Malowana Chata takes place. This tradition started after the World War II ended because the people who lived there wanted to cover up the damage done the war.

How to go

  • First take a train from Krakow to Tarnow. You can buy your ticket at the station; however, take into consideration that the ticket machines are extremely slow 🐌   so make sure you plan properly and arrive early to the station. Of course, you can also buy the tickets online. The train takes about 1 hour. You could also check BlaBlaCar, you might be able to join a carpool.

  • Once in Tarnow, go to the bus station that is located here, 3min walking distance from the train station. Look for Euro Pławecki Trans bus, direction Bieniaszowice, and check the schedule. The schedule below is from 2021 and it might change overtime so make sure you check their website.

Euro Pławecki Trans departure times

  • I recommend to depart at most at 12:40 because it takes about an hour to get to Zalipie and the last bus return from Zalipie at 16:00. That means that if you take the 14:40 bus you won’t have time to explore and enjoy the village.

  • Even though it is a public transport, it doesn’t look like a traditional one. Look for a van with the company name Plawecki on the side.

  • The bus doesn’t stop in Zalipie but in the crossroads near there. You can ask the driver and they will leave you there.

That’s it. Now you are ready to be amazed and take beautiful pics. Just a few more tips:

  • There are no buses on weekends 🙁 .
  • There are no restaurants or grocery stores so make sure you bring some water and snacks.
  • If you need more information, you can always go to the Information Center and ask for help.s